API Documentation

As of right now, we have simplified this API into just one GET request. The sole purpose of GroceryPricerAPI is for others to easily access real grocery price data, and that is exactly what we are doing!

Response Headers:
Query Parameters

NOTE: None of these parameters are required in this API call.

Name Type Example Default Required Description
apikey string No example available null Yes This is the only form of authentication for this API. If you do not have one, please get one here
name string apple null No This is the name of the products that you want returned, and all products with the name in the title will be returned.
provider string safeway null No This is the name of the grocery store provider the product is coming from. The only valid providers are sprouts, safeway, albertsons, smart_and_final, and whole_foods in that format
limit integer 10 100 No This is the maximum amount of products that can returned from an API call.
Example API Call